The NHMRC Centre of Excellence to Optimise Sleep in Brain Ageing and Neurodegeneration (CogSleep) is delighted to announce the 2021 Seed Grant recipients. Funding was awarded for activities falling under the three main themes of the CRE:

  • THEME 1: Investigate new biomarkers of sleep wake disorder that predict and monitor cognitive decline and accelerated neurodegenerative disease progression
  • THEME 2: Undertake novel clinical trials for sleep wake disorder in ageing and neurodegeneration
  • THEME 3: Utilise new technology and data science approaches fr real-time, ongoing symptom monitoring, triage and e-health interventions
We are delighted to announce the following CogSleep Seed Grant recipients for 2021:
  •  Prof Bandana Saini, University of Sydney – Assessing sleep and cognitive health in older people through community pharmacies – A triage, patient education and capacity building opportunity in primary care.
    • A/Prof Christopher Gordon, The University of Sydney
    • Dr Catriona Ireland, The University of Sydney
    • Dr Haley LaMonica, The University of Sydney
    • Prof Lucrecia Morena Royo, CEU Cardenal Herrera University
  • Dr Yue Yang, University of Sydney – Exploratory assessment on correlations between nocturnal hypoxemia and novel neurodegeneration and sleep fluid biomarkers in older adults at risk of dementia.
    • Prof Glenda Halliday, University of Sydney
    • A/Prof Woojin Kim, University of Sydney
    • Prof Sharon Naismith, University of Sydney
    • Prof Ralph Martins, Macquarie University
    • Dr Pratishtha Chatterjee, Macquarie University
    • Prof Ron Grunstein, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
  • Dr Camilla Hoyos, University of Sydney – Sleep disturbance in MCI: A pilot study of a cognitive behavioural therapy digital intervention (SUCCEED).
    • Prof Sharon Naismith, University of Sydney
    • A/Prof Christopher Gordon, University of Sydney
    • Dr Stephanie Rainey-Smith, Murdoch University
    • Dr Haley LaMonica, University of Sydney


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